Posted by: Trisha Leigh | September 27, 2010

Love the Journey

Writing is fun. It’s a journey, it’s a passion, and yes, sometimes it’s a job.

There are days I’d rather watch a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon, break out the How I Met Your Mother DVD’s Netflix sent me today, or just sleep more.

And you know what, sometimes I do those things, even when I don’t have the time. On Sunday I took my dogs for a long walk, watched a Chiefs game and ate Sunday dinner with my family, and decorated my house for fall.

Because when every part of the writing journey isn’t enjoyable or stimulating in some way, it’s time to take a break. It’s time to immerse yourself in other people’s creativity, recharge, and come back to the computer when you get that feeling – the one that makes your fingers itch with the urge to write.

I’ve read several quotes that boil down to this: The difference between a writer and a published author is that the published author didn’t give up.

I sat down at the end of the day to wrestle with my rewrites which, like all revisions, are alternately brilliant and total crap. I complain about how things are going on occasion, but I don’t hate the process. I love feeling my brain work, struggle with a particular issue. I love it more when my brain finds the answer and things click into place.

I think it’s important to enjoy the process, because what I’ve learned is that there’s no end goal. If you want to be published, there’s only the next goal. Finish a manuscript. Find an agent. Get a book deal. Have your book sell.

We celebrate each one, but immediately move onto the next.

To get there we write, every day. We wait to hear back from critique partners, agents, editors. We revise then do it again, better this time.

If you don’t enjoy the process, this isn’t the job for you. It will make you crazy miserable. If you do – write on. At least, that’s my plan.



  1. I think we have to remember that the breaks are an essential part of the writing process. If we don’t stop now and then to just live, then our writing becomes like…I dunnoh, a photograph of a painting. A step removed. Lacking immediacy, or something.

    Re the writing process: to me, it’s like putting together a puzzle. The journey IS the point. If I just wanted a nice picture, I’d buy one whole. 🙂

  2. Linda – I agree, and very poetically said! I’m going to spend the next two days studying for my Ancient Greece exam. Trust me, plenty of nuggets to be mined there!

  3. You’re so awesome. Really really.

    I’m not writing right now. And I can almost feel my subconscious surging with the work it’s doing.

    • Don’t you love that feeling. I always pretend it’s not there, don’t look right at it so I don’t scare the ideas away 😉

  4. I love this line, it sums it up for me as well:

    “I sat down at the end of the day to wrestle with my rewrites which, like all revisions, are alternately brilliant and total crap. ”


    • Yes! Here’s hoping when all is said and done it comes out on the brilliant side 🙂

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