Posted by: Trisha Leigh | October 29, 2010

I’ve Been Busy…With Beer Pong

I tried something new last weekend. I played beer pong.

As someone at our tailgate pointed out, I shouldn’t have been allowed to graduate from college without taking part in this rite of passage, but it happened. Somehow I slipped through the cracks. At least now I can keep my diploma.

It was fun. Turns out I’m a natural.

I listed playing beer pong on my list of 40 things to do before I turn 40. I’m happy I get to cross something off, even if it’s easy and small and a little silly.

So many of the other items won’t be so easy to accomplish.

I am someone who tends to be anxious, to worry about issues before they arise, to over analyze every word of certain conversations. I waste lovely todays pining for lovely tomorrows.

Being happy I played beer pong reminds me to take it one day at a time. Days add up to weeks add up to months add up to years. Writing often points this out to me as well, as I watch words add up to sentences add up to chapters add up to manuscripts.

Sometimes life, relationships, and writing come easy. Natural, like my apparent gift for beer pong.

During halftime I played Flip Cup. I stunk it up, and as a result my entire team had too much to drink. Then again, maybe that means we won.

Don’t worry. I’ll try again.





  1. I’m glad you get to cross that off your list, Trisha. Hopefully, you’ll get to everything else soon. I will help you with the lederhausen thing in November.

    • Yay, I knew I could count on you for that one. Wait, you’re totally going to snap my suspenders, huh.

  2. Confession: I have never played beer pong. Sounds like fun!

    Oh, and wanted to tell you–I’ve been watching the first season of Vampire Diaries. You are to blame for the drool stain on my sofa. With that much eye candy, I think my eyes are in danger of getting cavities. 😉

    • I am surprised by how many folks haven’t played. I recommend it!

      Oh, and VD. Yes, pretty, pretty, pretty. About halfway through the first season it starts to be a good show as well. Bonus!

  3. I’ve never played before. I was the anti-party guy in college, and now I feel like I missed out on a few things. I was just telling some people a few weeks ago that I really want to play.

    • Well, it’s never too late! I had my first time at 31 years old and it was a blast!

  4. I’ve never played that either, but it does sound like fun. I don’t really care how I get drunk so long as I do 😛

    • Well duh – bonus points for having fun WHILE getting drunk!

  5. I have never played Beer Pong either! I don’t know how I graduated without doing so, but I did. So you are not alone!

    And you know, it is the little things that are the most important sometimes! Definitely take the time to celebrate them 🙂

    • Little accomplishments, big accomplishments…if things are on a list and I get to cross them off, I feel good about myself.

  6. Congrats for graduating with the beer pong diploma! We played quite a bit in college but only bring out the cups once or twice a year these days. Never have decided whether its better to win or lose though. lol.

    • Oh yeah, I don’t think I would make it an every weekend habit. Except maybe during football season 🙂

  7. I’ve never played beer bong, but hear it is a lot of fun. Maybe one day I too will be able to cross it off my list.

    • I recommend it, I had a good time. It’s a good tailgate game with friends. THanks for stopping by!

  8. This is awesome — gonna have to challenge my writing group to some beer pong. I think it’ll go over quite well. Great site by the way!

    • Thanks! Writing group beer pong, now there’s an idea!!

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