Posted by: Trisha Leigh | March 2, 2011

Oscar Contest Winner – A Perfect Score!

The Oscars are over, and for the most part I didn’t think they were any better or worse than any other year. James Franco is providing plenty of unintentional fodder with his lack of performance, which seems to be due to an overplaying of a Laurel and Hardy (look it up, young ‘uns) routine or too much pot in his limo. Either way, I felt bad for Anne as she carried the show (pretty well) on her own.

I loved that Natalie Portman won, I support The King’s Speech as Best Picture (it was my favorite by a slim margin), Colin Firth deserves everything he ever gets, and the Social Network Score was great.

Surprised by Hooper’s Best Director nod, disappointed by Melissa Leo’s Supporting Actress win, shocked Inception didn’t win Best Original Screenplay, and disgusted at the way the Academy continues to snub Christopher Nolan.

Those are my thoughts in three minutes or less.

I love the Oscars. I love film, and this is the one night of the year when it’s recognized as the art form it is, it’s writers, creators, actors, and artists recognized. In pretty dresses.

One of the entrants of my contest, BRIAN, guessed correctly in all nine categories! I’ve emailed him regarding his prize choices.

Thanks to everyone for playing, even Trieb, who guessed a whopping two correctly. I can tease her, because we got our FILM DEGREES together. Sheesh.

I saw all 10 Best Picture nominees and would recommend all but 1. I would rank them in this order, best to least best: The King’s Speech, 127 Hours, The Social Network, Black Swan, Winter’s Bone, The Fighter, Inception, True Grit, Toy Story 3,  The Kids Are All Right.

After the Top 5, the rest are pretty equal awesomeness (with the exception The Kids Are All Right, which I sort of hated).

We’re on to a new season of films, and I’ve seen a couple of good ones so far. Go to the movies! Check for all the reviews, including mine 🙂

What I’m watching right this second –. Only because a TCU Alum is still in the competition. Promise.



  1. I’m just happy Colin Firth won Best Actor and The King’s Speech won Best Picture. LOVE that movie.

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