Posted by: Trisha Leigh | April 11, 2011

I Need a Yoda…Any Volunteers?

This is the real Yoda.

There’s this one thing I’ve never had, and to be honest, never cared to acquire.


You know what it turns out you need patience for? The publishing industry.

I thought, for some crazy reason, that the waiting would get easier. If I could just finish a revision and write a query. If I could just get responses to those queries. Once some agents read my partials and fulls. Then it was getting revisions back, and taking the time to make sure the book that comes out of them is the best it can be.

One day I’ll (hopefully) find out that I still need oodles and oodles of patience dealing with an editor and the process of taking a book through to a final product.

In the meantime, I’m practicing being patient. I still really suck at it. I need a Yoda (a real one, not just my dog named Yoda).

Here are some things I am doing to take my mind off the waiting:

Reading. Lots and lots of reading. (related: I am broke)

Walking my dogs, since the weather finally turned nice

Revising an old but beloved manuscript

This is my dog Yoda. Not the same thing.

Beta reading for friends

Tweeting too much

Actually blogging on a regular schedule

Seeing movies. Lots and lots of movies.

Feeding my cat the same day her food dish goes empty

Making anonymous phone calls to the city about my jackass neighbor

Stalking Gmail until it threatens to take out a restraining order

Working out 3-4 times per week

Answering phone calls from my mother

There are other things. You’ll notice cleaning the house, working in the yard, and bathing are not on that list. I guess nothing can make me do those things.

What about you? Any tricks for learning patience? What do you do to take your mind off something when you have no control over it?

What I’m watching right this second: Nothing, because as soon as I hit publish on this thing I’m diving back into City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare. I. Am. Hooked.



  1. I feel your waiting pain. Currently, I’m waiting for editorial notes on IN A FIX. Near as I can figure, no matter where you are on the road to publication, you will be waiting for something.

    When you are not patient by nature…well, it sucks.

    Things I do while I’m waiting: work on the next book, read a lot, drag out drawer novel and poke it, read some more, eat too much, walk a little, kick the laundry piles around, obsess about whether writing under my own name is a wise decision, rewatch all three seasons of Veronica Mars, read some more…

    Yeah, you get the picture.

    Hang in there! 🙂

    • Wait a sec…there are people who are patient by nature? They hit the freaking genetic lottery.

      I will say it gets easier. I think. Or I’ve lost my mind. Either is possible.

  2. “Answering phone calls from my mother.”

    Oh my gosh. I wish I could squeeze you to death. Not actual death, but the part before death where you’re all warm and “Ooooh. Lights.”

    Hang in there, dearest. You’re pretty.

    • Pretty lights from a hug would be nice. Thank you, my dear.

  3. I understand completely. Now that I have an agent, I’m bouncing around like a kid on the way to Disneyworld. “Did anyone respond yet? Who’d you send it to? Who? WHO? WHO?”

    I read. I read a lot when I can’t seem to concentrate on anything else. It helps me center myself. You’re right, physical work like laundry, cleaning, etc. helps too, but I find unless my mind is engaged, it will wander right back to the issue causing the impatience. Sudoku helps but I really suck at it.

    • Reading has been helping me too…it’s the easiest way to escape within minutes. Mindless work is great for untangling plots but not necessarily for waiting, you’re right.

  4. Best remedy for the waiting blues? Write a new novel.

    • True! I am 3/4 of the way through a rewrite on possibly my favorite novel. It does help.

  5. If you are bored, I have a list of 300 names to be cold called. You get paid for every 5 sales! 🙂 I have got to call you and fill you in on the drama, dude.

    • Um…that’s okay. I have books to read 🙂

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