Posted by: Trisha Leigh | June 6, 2011

BEA : Yes, I’m Just Now Posting This

I am so lazy and lame. It’s the truth.

I am just now getting around to writing up a blog about BEA, partially because I don’t have much to say except IT. WAS. AWESOME.

I got to meet so many amazing authors and agents, have my writing batteries recharged by listening to some of those writers talk about their projects and inspiration, hear about the most anticipated upcoming releases, and OH YEAH. GET MY HANDS ON A LOT OF THOSE UPCOMING RELEASES. *

Here are a few of the books I scored.

And here are some more.

I came home exhausted, yes, but also raring to write. I had the privilege of rooming with one Claire Legrand, and swapping ideas and sharing the stories behind our current WIP’s made me want to come home and sit my butt in front of my computer and WRITE. Lots of things have been going on with me lately, not all of them good, and being able to sit and write has been a challenge. So thank you, BEA (and Claire) for helping me remember that my job is to write down all these lovely stories, to give voices to the characters in my head.

And more. But that's not all. There are MORE.

I’m also planning on giving away these AMAZING advanced copies to you, my dear readers, as I finish with them so if you’ve got your eye on anything, stay tuned. We’re going to start on Wednesday, with a sultry competition to see who will be the proud owner of an ARC of MAKING WAVES by Tawna Fenske. So get ready. Sharpen your double entendre.

* I know the titles are backward in those pictures. Remember the part about me being lazy? Just think of it like a puzzle. It will be FUN.

What I’m watching right this minute: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (season 3)




    So glad you fun! Love you.

  2. Just mark Tawna’s ARC for me. I’m bigger than Harley, and I fight dirty — I can take her. 😉

  3. I studied self defense for YEARS, Harley. *throws down gauntlet* BRING IT ON!

    *adds growl for intimidation*

  4. Will there be Jello wrestling for the ARC? I always wanted to try that. Wait, you mean I can’t win my own book?


  5. Ladies!! This is going to be FUN. Tawna, you cannot WIN your own ARC, but I certainly hope you bless us with an entry. It shall be inspirational, I’m sure. 🙂

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