Posted by: Trisha Leigh | July 20, 2011

It’s My Blog and I’ll Rant If I Want To

I had planned on telling you all about Comic Con today. What I’m expecting, who I hope to meet, what previews I’m excited to see…things like that.

Instead I walked to the store a few minutes ago and now a bee is in my bonnet and I have to remove it.

Soda. Pop. Coke. Etc.

This seriously looks like something out of a monster film. Like it's going to come to life and spray us all down until we stick to the pavement and get eaten by flies.

I enjoy a glass now and then, but on the sliding scale of pop consumption, I’m most likely to be found on the low end. I like to buy the small cans, because they’re just the right amount of pop to fulfill my craving. A whole can is too much. I often waste at least a third.

So I’m standing in the beverage aisle, grabbing a six pack of 90 calorie (7.5 oz) cans, priced at $4.29. On my way out of the aisle, I spotted a twelve pack 160 calorie (12 oz) cans for $4.99. I have to admit, I ranted right then and there.

Not to myself, at least. My friend happened to be there, although she did pretend not to know me for several seconds.


This happens to me often. The local movie theatre in these parts is AMC, and their “small” coke is 32 ounces. THIRTY-TWO OUNCES. I can’t even drink 10, but I pay $4.25 for one soda that I drink a fourth of. When I ask if I can order a kid size, the answer is no.

Okay, usually the answer is a blank stare from a kid who needs to smoke less pot, but same diff.

And, since AMC is very helpful, they’ll upgrade my soda for free to a FORTY-EIGHT ouncer because I’m a reward card member.

Thanks. I need an extra day worth of calories in a single drink.

When did we decide that less is not more, but that MORE is more? When did it become okay to do everything to excess, to encourage obesity and bad decisions on a huge scale (I’m looking at you, Hardee’s)? Who on this freaking earth can drink forty-two or holy shit sixty-eight ounces of pop and not have to pee twenty-six times during a 2 hour movie?

Once the soda thing really got under my skin, I started to think about our culture and see the same time of size abuse everywhere. The value of quantity over quality. The low income children fighting obesity because it’s cheaper for their parents to take them to McDonalds than buy some vegetables at the store.

The way mega-successful authors trade away ingenuity and creativity in order to churn out four novels a year.

The way movie studios keep shoving remakes and prequels and sequels and based-ons down our throats except for 6 weeks at Christmas when they let writers and directors actual stretch their wings and try something that might not work for everyone.

I’ve had enough. I want my small coke. I want my vegetables and my fruit, and maybe it’s okay to wait a year (at least) between novels so that the writer can take time to sit and think and go for walks and take baths until the ideas and plots and characters they put on the pages are real and developed and fully formed. I want more Inception and less Green Lantern.

Am I crazy? Wait. Don’t answer that in a general sense. Just in the sense of this post is fine.

So…I guess that’s it. I’m tired now. See you guys after ComicCon!

**I am so not saying I never enjoy fast food, that I didn’t like Thor or Pirates of the Caribbean, or that I haven’t read several Nicholas Sparks books. Moderation is the word we’re all looking for here.

What I’m watching right this minute: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Season 6)



  1. “Who on this freaking earth can drink forty-two or holy shit sixty-eight ounces of pop and not have to pee twenty-six times during a 2 hour movie?”

    The person who buys the 10-gallon tub of popcorn to soak it all up? *grin*

    Seriously, you’ve hit upon one of my pet peeves. If it helps, you are not alone in your quest for moderation.

  2. *hides 44 oz Pepsi behind computer monitor*

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