Posted by: Trisha Leigh | October 14, 2011

Robert Pattinson Touched My Clothes (Or, Picking the Right Words)

Ever wake up and go, what the &*$@ brain?

If we’re friends on Facebook or Twitter (and why wouldn’t we be??), you saw me post yesterday about a strange, and yes, embarrassing dream I had about Robert Pattinson (but not with the gawdawful haircut he was sporting at ComiCon).

Sadly, I feel compelled to admit to you all that this is not the first, or second, or third time the Twilight cast has invaded my dreams. The first several times we were hanging out at The Bronze (the club from Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and scary, dangerous crap went down. To be honest it offended me that Robert always seemed much more concerned with protecting Kristen Stewart than with my safety. I mean seriously. This is MY dream.

My BFFs. Apparently.

Last night the cast and I were at my church (?), and though Robert did seem to prefer me, the most exciting thing that happened was him hanging up the clothes strewn all over my bedroom floor.

In any case, lately the places and people with whom I’ve been spending my REM time have me questioning the long term viability of my mind. Because seriously? RPatz and KStew? Not even my thing. I didn’t think.


But I digress.

My ponderings have led me to wonder about the word ‘dream,’ and when it came to apply to something we aspire to achieve as well as random, unconscious musings. And I don’t approve, to be honest.

Dreams are, as I’ve proven in this rather meandering, shouty post, events we do not have control over. They happen, or they don’t. On occasion they make sense, but other times we’re eating honey out of a conch shell one minute and the next have a lovely discussion with a very polite bearded goat. I could spend the hour before bed in the lotus position muttering “Jude Law naked” under my breath, but it wouldn’t guarantee me dreams about a bronzed and slightly sweaty Jude Law who had misplaced his clothing. And mine, And then…

No need to thank me. You're welcome.

Ahem. Digressing again.

The point.

The aspirations we have for life are nothing like dreams. We do have control, and we can set out with specific goals in mind. We can take charge and make them happen, and if we keep working hard, keep learning, keep trying – we’ll get there.

So don’t downplay the deepest, truest desires of your heart as mere “dreams.” Those aspirations, those goals, those moments that must happen are not random, they’re not nonsense, and whether or not you step inside them one day is up to you.




  1. This is a fantastic post.

    I have the strangest dreams where things I DON’T WANT TO THINK ABOUT come up. I wake up confused and, to be perfectly honest, angry with my sub conscious.

  2. I heart this post. So much.

  3. I, too, heart this post. Beautifully said, and important.

  4. To everything in this post = A MILLION HEARTS.

  5. A man picking up dirty clothes? Who wouldn’t want to dream about that? This post was great!

  6. Can I borrow Rob Pattinson? My bedroom’s a mess.

  7. Thanks for reading, everyone. And to those of you who suggested a man cleaning up after you might be a good dream after all, I happen to agree. And no, Denise, you can’t have my dream Robert Pattinson. Get your own imaginary celebrity housekeeper.

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