Posted by: Trisha Leigh | November 15, 2011

Remember That One Guy From That One Movie Way Back When?

Last week I told the (rather sad) story of how my first real life crush turned out.

Today I wanted to share my first celebrity crush, but in truth I had two.

I could never, and will never, choose between them.

They don’t have much in common, even all these years later, save the fact that they’re both Canadian (Vancouver – perhaps I should visit).

First up, Devon Sawa.

He caught my attention in Little Giants.

As Junior Floyd in LITTLE GIANTS

I crushed hard through Casper 

As non-ghosty CASPER

and Now and Then (great flick, by the way).

Scott Wormer in NOW AND THEN (in which he kisses Christina Ricci a SECOND time)

We went through a rough patch with Final Destination and finally broke up over Idle Hands. I just couldn’t watch anymore.

Second, and more enduring, Joshua Jackson.

I loved The Mighty Ducks. Loved.

Charlie Conway in THE MIGHTY DUCKS

If you’re my age, you most likely recall him as part of the Dawson’s Creek cast.

Pacey Witter. If you were a Dawson girl...what the hell is wrong with you?

I’m a loyal Fringe devotee now, on which he plays Peter Bishop.

Yes, someone *is* aging quite well. Thank you for noticing.

I had the chance to interview Josh (I call him Josh now, ayup) at ComiCon last summer. I always thought I’d be cool, but when the moment arrived I word vomited all over the poor guy, babbling like a psychotic person about how I’d been a fan since I was 12 and that Charlie Conway was my first movie crush.

Josh was super friendly and relaxed. He did a nice job acting as though I didn’t frighten him.

An excellent quality in an onscreen crush.

What about you guys? I want to hear all about those first television/movie/music crushes, so bring ’em on.

The more embarrassing the better.




  1. My first screen crush was on Michael J. Pollard. He played a boy living in a mirror, on the TV show Lost In Space, and he made my third-grade heart go pitty-pat. Didn’t know his name until much, much later — I just called him “The Boy In the Mirror on Lost in Space,” TBITMOLIS for short. Now THAT is embarrassing. 😉

    • What’s embarrassing? The fact that the name you gave him is longer than his actual name? I agree. 😉

      Seriously. That’s kind of awesome.

  2. For a long, long time, I crushed HARD on Kevin Bacon. Yes, from Footloose. He caught my attention in Apollo 13 and from then on, he had my heart.

    • Oh, Kevin Bacon. I…never hopped on that train, but more power to you 🙂

  3. My first on-screen crush was Shaun Cassidy. I’m a lot older than you so you probably have no idea the cuteness he was playing Joe Hardy of Hardy Boys fame. Like most crushes, it quickly fizzled out. I had an insane crush on a cartoon character voiced by Casey Kasem until I discovered how old he was in real life. Then, a series of soap opera stars. David Duchovny in The X-Files.

    And now, it’s Gilles Marini. OMFG!

    • Shaun Cassidy was totally dreamy. TOTALLY.

      And LOL at the cartoon character crush.

  4. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have, Nancy McKeon. And Princess Leia.

    • What guy would be complete without a crush on Princess Leia? I approve.

  5. Oh my god I love me some Pacey Witter. *SIGH*

    I wasn’t really one of those kids who crushed on celebrities. Did I love Wild America because it had both JTT AND Devon Sawa? You betcha, but that was more of an animal-lover thing. I think my biggest child crush was Harrison Ford as Han Solo. I know. I was THAT girl.

    As I got older I started to crush and HARD. In my late teen years everyone suddenly became very attractive.

    My most embarrassing encounter? (I have so many to choose from). Probably meeting Jason Wade after a Lifehouse concert. I sketched a picture of him singing (before the concert since I knew I was going, not during because WOW that’d be weird) and asked him to sign it. He was amazed and said, “Wow, you drew this?” I answered, “Huh-yuck.” Hubs–then BF–said, “Yes, she’s an artist. Will you take a picture with me and Goofy?”


    • That is awesome. AWESOME, says I. I want to meet your husband. He sounds funny and almost as amazing as you.


  6. Basically I could have written this post. My crushes were all the same as yours. So I have nothing to add! Oh, except for that one time I crushed majorly on Andrew Keegan in Camp Nowhere, but I think I already told you that. 😀

    • Andrew Keegan is approved crush material. And the other Jen reminded me of WILD AMERICA. How could I have forgotten that?!?

  7. Oh my goodness. Mine is way too embarrassing, but since I posted it on my blog a couple years ago, I guess it can’t be bad to post it here. It was totally Will Wheaton as Westley Crusher. Yeah. Didn’t last THAT long, but there you have it. Fun post!

    • That. Is. Hilarious.

      And my question for you is this: Do you watch him on The Big Bang Theory now? Pretty funny stuff. Though still not all that attractive. 😉

      • Yeah in The Guild and in BBT he’s such a jerk and it’s pretty hilarious.

  8. My first crush that was not on a fictional character, but rather the actor who played him was Tim Curry. I can’t deny it: twelve-year-old me was mad about that man, or more specifically, his unbelievably beautiful voice. I even wrote to him. Twice. We broke up when he didn’t write me back. A pre-teen scorned and all that.

    • That is a perfectly acceptable reason for breaking up. I had a crush on Ian Somerhalder until I met him last summer and he wouldn’t shut up. We broke up too. I didn’t bother telling him. 😉

  9. I was two-timing my celebrity bf’s! I was in love with both Jonathan Brandis of Seaquest and Mike Vitar of the Sandlot and The Mighty Ducks 2 & 3. They still don’t know about each other. Shhh.

    • Those are totally amazing crushes (and movies). We should one day orchestrate a Mighty Ducks reunion in order to get our crushes in the same room.

  10. I can’t remember anything earlier than Ethan Hawke in Reality Bites. I must have been 14 or 15? It was more the romance between him and Winona Ryder’s character than him even.

    Geez, I feel like I’m abnormal for not falling for any guys on TV. Maybe I’m blocking something out.

    You’re so cute. And so is Joshua Jackson.

    • I didn’t get into television guys either, not until college. Ethan Hawke was swoonworthy back in the day. Although if I recall he’s never had a fondness for bathing.

      And right? Just imagine how cute Joshua Jackson and I would be TOGETHER. We would like, save all the puppies in the world with our cute.

      Then again, his girlfriend/sigother/wife is pretty damn adorable too.

  11. Ethan Hawk in explorers was my first on screen crush.. (besides MLB players that is).

  12. I’m such a geek… Wil Wheaton as Weasley Crusher on Star Trek. I was 5 when the series came out and he reminded me of my best friend’s older brother, which was 100% of the “mature men” in my life at that point. He was smart and on a spaceship.

    Years later I saw him on an episode of The Guild, he’s still kind of hot.

  13. I too am a Joshua Jackson fan (and love FRINGE).I always forget that he was on the might ducks, which I loved as a kid. I think beyond his acting, I like his smile. He’s always had a great smile.

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