Posted by: Trisha Leigh | February 2, 2012

Hang On To Your Gnome!

Come along for a little trip down memory lane…via my thought process.

On Tuesday The CW (of which y’all know I am a BIG fan. BIG. HUGE.) announced a couple of pilots they green lit for the upcoming season. One of them caught my eye, because it’s a book adaptation* and also because the story is being pitched as “Hunger Games meets The Bachelor.”

Here’s The CW’s official logline:

The Selection
Logline: Based on the forthcoming series of books by Kiera Cass,ย The Selectionย is an epic romance set 300 years in the future which centers on a poor young woman who is chosen by lottery to participate in a competition to become the next queen of a war-torn nation at a crossroads.

So…a bunch of girls competing for a single boy, winner takes all? Any guesses where my mind went IMMEDIATELY?


I hope that scene is in the television show. Or that Prince Harry decides to try something similar. I’m just saying.

Happy Hunting!


*disclaimer: I have not had the opportunity to read The Selection (but I want to), and this post is not intended to be any sort of commentary on the quality of the novel.



  1. Wow, I haven’t seen The Gnome Mobile in ages! Hmm. The Selection could be fun. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. *head desk* ๐Ÿ™‚

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