Posted by: Trisha Leigh | June 7, 2012

Better Late Than Never – GIVEAWAY WINNERS!

It means so much that so many of you were excited to share in my cover reveal, and love the concept and execution as much as I do! I’m excited to share the remaining covers with in the coming months.

It makes me do this:

You enthusiasm for the other fantastic books being released this summer also warms my heart, and since i had over 50 entries, I chose TWO winners through a random number generator.


I’ve emailed Jen the Amazing (who is, in fact, amazing), who wins a pre-order of FALSE MEMORY, and Susanna P, who wins a pre-order of THIS IS NOT A TEST. In addition, both lovely ladies will receive a hard copy ARC of WHISPERS IN AUTUMN when they’re available.

Of course, I encourage each and every one of you to pick up those two books and the rest of the summer great summer books coming your way in the next three months.

Thanks again! Love y’all!



  1. I know you said you used a random number generator, but I like to think my charisma won me this prize.

    I’d like to thank the academy…Er, WordPress for this wonderful opportunity to host blogs online. My husband and kid, for only nagging me half the time I spend on social media. And of COURSE, GRRM for bringing Trish and I even closer over our love of Robb Stark.

    Thank you, America! GOOD NIGHT.

    • HAHAHAHAHA, yes. Comment win.

      And also? I’m no longer accepting friendship from people who DON’T love Robb Stark. I mean, what kind of people are those?

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